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Monday, 12 December 2016

Christmas Wishlist 2016

Hey guys!

I can't be the only one who has bought into the "where the hell did 2016 go" cliche, but seriously, this year has flown.

2016 will probably go down as one of the worst years the world has seen in a while, from the death of legends David Bowie and Alan Rickman (I teared up at both) and the installment of Donald J Trump in the White House, 2016 has spawned millions of memes about how unfortunate the last 12 months have been.

Luckily, Christmas is on the horizon, and it has to be one of my favourite times of the year. 

From the lights going up on Grafton Street to the thought of spending some time at home in Galway with the family, Christmas has a way of erasing the negativity of a year and promoting positive anticipation for the next.

As someone who works non-stop and lives on the opposite side of the country from my childhood home, going home to see my family for Christmas is a really important and treasured time for me.

Shopping for Christmas presents can be one of the more stressful elements of this time of year, but Iv'e put together a quick 'Christmas Wishlist,' with some of the best pieces Iv'e seen recently. From 2017 planners to unusually coloured faux fur, these are my top picks for Christmas 2016. 

Christmas Wishlist 2017

                                            Christmas Wishlist 2016 by sarahmagliocco

Friday, 21 October 2016

Alex & Ani Liberty Copper Collection Event

Hey guys, sorry for my lack of blog posts after promising to be back for good, things have been extremely hectic as I have recently changed jobs and started a masters degree, but more about all of that in a life update post.

Last night I was invited to take a little look at the brand new Alex and Ani collection, which was hosted in the Kilkenny shop in Dublin.

The collection looked like it was going to be pretty amazing from the invite but it was only when I arrived at the event that I realised the extremely cool back story behind the collection.

The collection consists of some key pieces, all of which feature copper accents which were created from salvaged copper from the statue of liberty itself.

One of the Alex and Ani representatives told me that the inside of the statue of liberty was being refurbished during the centennial restoration, and Alex and Ani purchased the scrapped copper from the original internal structure.

The copper was then purified and used in the collection to represent hope, which ties in with the brands meaningful and eco-friendly ethos. 

The collection features classic Alex and Ani charm bangles, cord bracelets, wrap around cuffs, classic pendants and rings.

Attendees at last night's event were all given the opportunity to own a piece of the collection, and the piece I was gifted was the gorgeous cord bracelet, which will work really well with my slightly grungy aesthetic, so thank you so much Alex and Ani. 

All of the pieces come with a certificate of authenticity which proves that the copper comes from the statue.


The event had a majorly Americana theme, with huge statue of liberty prints donning the walls and even 1950s pin-up girls performing swing songs.

Even the food was Americana themed, with mini strawberry milkshakes, sliders and hot dogs (not veggie unfortunately)

There was also a live art installation going on, with an artist free drawing a cityscape of the big apple, the Statue of Liberty included of course.

One of the coolest parts of the event had to be the DIY screen printing area, where you could print your own tote bag under the supervision of Damn Fine Print. I actually wore mine to Tesco this morning to do the shopping and the lady at the till said 'oh are Alex and Ani doing bags now?'

Another aspect of the collection is the slogan #CarryLight, which while it may sound like luggage instructions, is actually encouraging people to share who or what they carry light for. 

Friends, family, or freddo bars, whatever you love is what you carry your light for.

Follow me on Instagram of live updates of events like last nights showcase @sarahmagliocco.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

OOTD#15 | The Botanic Gardens | Missguided

While the weather has certainly taken a turn for the worse, while the sun was shining I took a trip to the Botanic Gardens in Glasnevin. I'm definitely a bit of a plantkin enthusiast (although I struggle to keep my little Ikea cacti alive) so while the botanic gardens weren't exactly in full bloom it was still an amazing way to spend an afternoon, and shoot an #OOTD of course.
Jacket - Thrifted

Top - Missguided | Choker - Thrifted 

Cap - Gifted | Shirt - Primark/Penneys

Backpack - Vintage | Boots - ASOS

Dungarees - La Jolie Garde Robe Vintage, Marais, Paris
(shop similar here)

I noticed that the majority of my clothes always seem to be thrifted or vintage, so I think I might put together a blog post about my favorite Irish vintage stores and thrift shops.
New OOTD and workwear Look Book coming soon!

Thursday, 31 March 2016

OOTD#13 | Merrion Square | Thrifted / Vintage

Duster Coat - F21 | Shorts - ASOS

Canvas Bag - Maeur Park Flea Market, Berlin | Hat - Penneys/Primark

Necklace - Miss Selfridge | Top - Vintage

Shirt - Vintage 

Monday, 14 March 2016

OOTD#12 | South William Street | ASOS White

 A quick outfit of the day to celebrate my 22nd Birthday. Whether its a Taylor Swift song or a Kylie Jenner lip colour, 22 is where its at. I wore this outfit to my birthday celebrations at BiteClub, a street-food discotheque in Galway city and again today to shoot this look.

Co-ord: ASOS White

Boots - ASOS

Blue Jacket - Thrifted | White zip top - Nike

Cap - Gifted

Backpack - Primark|Penneys

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

OOTD#11 | The Berlin Wall | Berlin Style Guide

(Coat-ASOS, Trousers-Topshop, Jumper-River Island)

The graffiti scarred streets of Berlin are a fashion bloggers dream, with barely an expressionless wall or pavement to be found in the city districts and beyond.
(Bag-F21, PomPom-Penneys/Primark) 

Even the doorways and lampposts are scrawled with tags, and layers and layers of flyers for art galleries, club nights and the underground music scene. 
(Scarf-ASOS (Menswear) Ring-Topshop) 
Iv'e been channeling a minimal, normcore vibe for the past few months and that reflected in the outfits I chose to bring to Berlin. This look blended in perfectly with the Berlin street style, as boyfriend coats, canvas bags and scarves made up the staples of Berlin style.
(Socks-Topshop, Shoes-New Balance)
 The colour scheme was muted, with the most trendy looks seeming to consist of layered coats, slouchy polo-neck jumpers tucked into dungarees, and lots of black Doc Martins and white runners. 

I have put together a Berlin Style staples guide below, featuring some of the most prominent feature pieces of the street style I saw. The Berlin look is all about minimum effort and maximum cool. If you look like you have tried with this look then you have failed to encapsulate the Berlin vibe.
Dusty hues, subtle athleisure and over-sized coats and jumpers are worn out, not a hint of a high heel or fake tan to be seen. New balances and chunky boots are footwear most often seen,and the boyfriend coat and longline heavy duster coat were seen on every district street.

Christmas Wishlist 2016

And finally, credit to my best friend Ashley McDonnell who shot this outfit for me, check out the outfit I shot for her over on her recently launched blog The Style Scruple.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Clueless | Get The Look


Hey guys, head over to Style Eyes to read my full article on how to get the Clueless look or check out my Polyvore page for details on where to get each of the featured items.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

NCAD Graduate Fashion Show 2014

Last weekend, my friend Daniel and I went to the NCAD annual graduate fashion show in Christchurch. 
I was covering the show for, of course, Vintage Venom, but also Style Eyes, another site I collaborate with, you can check out the corresponding article on the Style Eyes website here.
| Here's Daniel & I just after the show, excuse my goofy smile I was literally so delighted even though your'e supposed to pretend to be pouty at these things apparently|
So I was able to get some amazing photo's from my seat, luckily we managed to get a front row spot at the end of the catwalk. All of the graduate designer's collections were incredibly cutting-edge and each fashion student had something unique to present. 

                                Tish Carroll

       Project Title: Mother Says

Statement: Children's proportions and posture have been the main driving force for the creation of a collection which contrasts structural tailored elements with voluminous lightweight fabrics.

                                  Rachel Duke

                                    Project Title: Untitled

 Statement: In addresssing the excessive work and physical labour in our cultural memory, my design is process driven and 'overworked'. Throughcombining experimental construction with reworked hand craft techniques a collection of strong, weighted silhouettes is created.

                                Naoise Farrell

 Project Title: Basted Estate

Statement: This collection is a response t the overt consumerism of the celtic tiger years, and to the liberal nature of contemporary dance. arments reference classic menswear, with working illustrations printed on the exterior, exposing the veracity of the process.

                                  Lily Spain

 Project Title: New Tradition

Statement: My collection is based on the contrast between a world that has become obsessed with plastics and synthetics in it's quest for perfection and the earthy, raw traditional elements that are being left behind as a result.

                                                  Hannah Choy O'Byrne

 Project Title: Cabinet of Curiosities.

Statement: A glance into the world of a collector and their relationship with their cllection.

Blending reality with obsession through fabric manipulation and dramatic shapes.

                             Gwen Cunningham

 Project Title: Van Alles is Weer Waardeloos
Statement: Documenting the Story of a garment from inception to demise, from designer to wearer.

Mapping the lived in space between the retail rail and bedroom floor.

Clean, crisp, steril. Crumpled, stained, over-loved.
Intent vs. trace.
Order vs. chaos.
Everything is worthless again.


                                 Elaine Cawley

Project Title: Autoscopy

Autoscopy- seeing one's own body from an elevated and distanced visuo-spatial perspective.

Inspired by the work of photographer Francesca Woodman, this collection is an exploration of self representation against the external environment through clothing. Woodman chooses herself as the subject in her portraits, sometimes manipulating her body physically or perceptivley as a statement of taking control of herself as subject and not object.

Ciara Lennon

Project Title: Untitled

Statement: Exploring urban environments to inspire a casual, fresh menswear collection using contrasting fabrics for Spring/Summer.

Caoimhe Mac Neice


Project Title: Wrap


Exploring the concept of a misleading online persona, a person reduced to pixels or squares on a scren. Garments are reduced to these pixels or squares, which are warped and distorted by the body.

Audrey Kennealy


Project Title: Reverie

Statement: Body forms distorting prints and knit to create illusions through movement of the wearer. A colour story inspired by personal imagery of Dublin's architecture.

                                   Anna Gyo

 Project Title: Lackaghmore

Statement: "Lackaghmore" my home in Donegal is the inspiration for my collection. The visual contrast between masculine and feminine will be explored through silhouette and fabrication. My collection embodies the strength, dynamics and power of a family of women and their sense of place.

Andrew Bell

Project Title:
Wrap. Clench. Clutch. Consume.


The collection observes both the real and intangible relationship between the Woman and her handbag. Garments draw the physical link between the bag, the body and the body language of the wearer. Silhouettes are all-consuming in their portrayal of the overpowering relationship between the fashion accessory and the self.

Amie Egan

Project Title: Gut Instinct

Statement: Necessity serves as motivation for creativity. How we produce and live in our clothes is determined by our surroundings.
My collection is a response to our drastically changing worrld and climate.

                            Alice Doherty

 Project Titile: Allusive Contrasts

Statement: Contrasts make for dramatic statements. Creating narrative by contrasting light and dark, striking structures, flowing prints and elaborate textures.

Aimee Chan

Project Title:  Kastom Dresing Blong Yumi.

Statement: The issue of cultural appropriation versus cultural misappropriation comes to the fore: what constitutes as acceptable in today's society when we observe the globalisation of indigenous culture in contempory fashion? A study of the appropriator and the appropriated is conducted as social politics, multiculturalism and cultural identity are explored.

That's all my snaps from the show, except for a few I took a the beginning when the 3rd years were showcasing, but I might make a seperate post about them as this one is already so long.
The entire show was amazing and enjoy browsing the photos of each collection.

My Outfit:
Hat - H&M
Choker - Topshop
Top - ASOS
Jacket - New Look
Mesh Skirt - Primark
Boots - New Look
Backpack - Vintage

Thank you guys so much for reading! Post again soon.

All photos are mine and are the sole ownership of me, Sarah Magliocco, and my blog and it's affiliations. Do not use these photos without owners express permission, unless you are the subject of said photo (aka. model or designer)